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Medical Services

24/7 Emergency

The Supercare Emergency department is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are equipped to handle all types of cases, from general complaints to serious health-related developments and accidents.  

Emergency cases are efficiently handled on absolute priority by an organized and experienced staff, well-versed with all the distinct requirements of an emergency case. We have put in place a simple and organized triage process which helps in speedy processing and prompt treatment. Incoming patients are evaluated based on the intensity or seriousness of the illness or injury. They are then prioritized and sent to the designated unit within the Emergency Department for treatment. 

Superior Medical Imaging Equipment

Imaging is an important step in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and at Supercare Hospital, we make sure that patients have the best options. We have invested in the best technology and expertise to provide the highest imaging quality and comfort to the tested individual. Our imaging units are operated by trained and experienced staff. Services include MRI, CT Scan, 4D Ultrasound and Computed Radiography. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scanning is a non-invasive and painless procedure. MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body. An MRI is used to study anomalies of the brain and spinal cord and certain types of heart problems. An MRI scan can also help clinicians to diagnose injuries or abnormalities of joints such as the back and knee. Tumors, cysts and even diseases of the liver can also be revealed in MRI images. The use of MRI technology is always expanding in scope and use. An MRI scan differs from CT scans and X-rays, as it does not use potentially harmful ionizing radiation.

MRI can be contrast and non-contrast. Contrast MRI involves the administration of a dye to the patient before the scan to enhance the characteristic of the images. We would recommend the less-invasive non-contrast MRI to those who may have conditions like allergies, hypotension and asthma.

Our 1.5 Tesla MRI machine features the latest tech in imaging and can facilitate advanced applications like tumour staging-screening, diffusion EPI, tensor imaging and spectroscopy. In-bore lighting, ventilation and the intercom apart from the feet first position help in creating a comfortable experience for the patient.

Computerised Tomography (CT)

Adding another physical dimension to the 2D XRAY technology, Computerised tomography (CT) scans provide more detailed information by gathering images of the body from multiple angles and consolidating them as cross-sectional images of various organs and parts of the anatomy.

Our GE Healthcare Revolution ACTs series CT scanner is known for its patient-friendly features – quick operational time and low X-Ray emissions. High-resolution imaging and top quality images are assured for the best diagnosis. Some of the highlights include easy 3D visualizations and clear vascular imaging and processing.


An ultrasound scan is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of your body. It’s also known as sonography. An ultrasound allows your doctor to see problems with organs, vessels, and tissues without needing to make an incision. Unlike other imaging techniques, ultrasound uses no radiation. For this reason, it’s the preferred method for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy. Your doctor may also order an ultrasound if you’re having pain, swelling, or other symptoms that require an internal view of your organs. An ultrasound is also a helpful way to guide surgeons’ movements during certain medical procedures, such as biopsies.

Our Ultrasonography equipments include:

  • GE Voluson P8 ULTRASOUND
    • Known for its easy workflow and very high-quality image resolution, the Voluson P8 is a pivotal part of Supercare Hospital’s imaging arsenal. The reliable Voluson P8 is considered one of the best equipment in women’s health and diagnosis.
    • Time and efficiency are crucial factors apart from quality when it comes to diagnostics and medical analysis. The Mindray DC-80 is one of the most dependable imaging tech in our establishment – known for its speed, intelligent and simple operating features and high-resolution images.

Computed Radiography (CR)

Computed radiography (CR) is the digital replacement of conventional X-ray film radiography and offers enormous advantages – the use of consumables (like conventional x-ray films) is virtually eliminated and the time to produce an image is drastically shortened.

Fuji CR Systems have always been at the global forefront of medical imaging technology and its X-Ray systems are in all the major hospitals, including Supercare Hospital. Some of the significant qualities include prolific image production and good resolution imaging. 

Advanced Critical Care Complex (ICU, HDU, NICU, PICU)

Our Critical Care unit features multiple dedicated departments to treat all types of critical cases based on the condition severity and the specific needs of the patient.


The Intensive Care Unit is one of the most crucial departments of our hospital – ready to accommodate a wide range of critical cases. Supercare Hospital’s 13 bedded ICU is fully equipped with the latest monitoring and care equipment and facilities. We have an efficient admission process to ensure that the convenience of patients and carers is prioritized. Round-the-clock care by specialized and experienced medical professionals is one of the biggest hallmarks of our establishment.


A High Dependency Unit is similar to an Intensive Care Unit where special care and extra monitoring is provided to patients in a designated and specially equipped area. Patients at the HDU receive more care than in regular wards as their condition needs more intensive care. Cases which are not severe enough for an ICU but require significant attention are sent to the HDU.


Our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is one of the most crucial parts of our critical care department. Neonatal care is a highly specialized discipline and requires dedicated care. Newborn babies require attention to the minute detail and the equipment and facilities for a NICU is a list of many indispensable services. Supercare NICU is equipped to handle up to 8 babies at a time. Round-the-clock attention, specialized professionals and the foremost technology will ensure that your precious young ones are taken care of through these delicate moments. Similar to the NICU, our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or PICU is dedicated and designed to provide exclusive and 24/7 care to children who require critical care.

High-quality Endoscopic & Bronchoscopic Services

Supercare Hospital has been a pioneer in establishing the leading endoscopic services in the region. With a specialized team of over three decades in experience, endoscopic intervention has been a hallmark non-surgical speciality in Meghalaya. These were set up to attend to some of the most common and at time debilitating categories of disease – digestive  and respiratory tract conditions. Bronchoscopy allows for detailed evaluation and analysis of respiratory disorders while Endoscopy is a similar scope-based procedure that helps doctors monitor the digestive tract. 

Our Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy Equipment

Bright and clear images go a long way in identifying and treating respiratory and digestive tract diseases. The EPX-2500 video processor from the Fujifilm suite is highly reliable and helps in getting fast and clear results that help move treatment plans along. The EVIS EXERA III (CV-190) is lauded as a significant tool in advanced endoscopy, known for clear and sharp image results. 

The Scopis Navigation System enables surgeons to decide based on indications which technology suits the particular procedure better and gives the best possible support. The Scopis Navigation System is trusted for procedures like neurosurgery, spinal treatments, ENT treatments and chemotherapy-related CMF treatment, amongst several other complex and vital treatments. Some of the features of this system include live HD documentation, support for both optical and electromagnetic tracking tech, bendable instruments and augmented reality for HD endoscopy.

Cardiac Angiography & Digital Subtraction Angiography

In its continuing efforts to provide wholesome cardiac care, the Supercare Hospital’s cardiology department provides a major service in identifying issues related to heart health. Cardiac angiography is an X-ray process to investigate blood flow restrictions in the body. The resulting image of the heart’s blood vessels is called an angiogram and it is a key report in the treatment of cardiac issues. Patients, depending on the degree of the condition and the advice of their physician can opt between cardiac angiography and digital subtraction angiography.

Digital subtraction procedure produces images of affected blood vessels in the brain to investigate and detect blood flow anomalies. Digital subtraction angiography involves inserting a tube or catheter into a leg artery and directing it to the brain blood vessels. DSA is a very effective method of getting visuals of blood vessels as it eliminates the skeletal structure in the image, hence providing a clearer picture of any possible problem.

State of the Art Modular OTs

Close to 3000 surgeries are performed per year at Supercare Hospital, which boasts state of the art modular Operation Theaters prepared for any contingency. 

A modular operation theatre reflects the latest advancements in medical architecture, ensuring a sterilized and dedicated area for the most complicated of surgeries. Our operation theatres are equipped with the most cutting-edge lighting systems, electrical equipment and other mandatory fixtures. 

Superior Surgical Equipment

Supercare Hospital keeps a range of surgical instruments and equipment to facilitate various types of surgeries. The SONOCA 300 is a specialist for ultrasonic surgical applications and is used extensively in medical procedures like neuro & spinal surgery, liver treatments, and wound debridement or cutting and coagulation. The ELAN 4 is a versatile and extremely reliable surgical drill tool used in neuro and spinal procedures. The HAAG-STREIT Surgical FS 2-23 is a latest-generation surgical microsope that provides surgeons with great stability and lighting as they perform often-complex and delicate procedures.

Round the Clock Dialysis Services

Dialysis is a medical procedure whereby the natural functions of the kidneys are carried out through an artificial process. This procedure is also known as renal replacement therapy or RRT. Supercare Hospital is prepared for all dialysis-related appointments and emergencies with its round-the-clock dialysis unit.  

To ensure speedy procedures and a comfortable experience for patients, we have the highest standards of equipment and a well-trained staff of technicians and experts. Our Dialysis Department has state-of-the-art machines from world leaders in Hemodialysis. All our dialysis consumables are also of the highest quality. All this is to ensure that your dialysis session is entirely trouble-free and of the highest quality as possible.