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Non-Medical Amenities and Installations

At Supercare, we ensure that your needs are taken care of at every step. From a convenient service apartment to care for your sick loved ones to varied healthy and tasteful eating options to free Wi-Fi that keeps you connected with the outside world to a well-stocked departmental store and a sprawling parking area, we go out of our way to make sure that your stay at the hospital is comfortable and hassle-free.

In-house Kitchen and Cafeteria

Be it a light snack or a fulfilling meal, there are delectable and healthy food options available at our hospital cafeteria. The kitchen serves fresh and hygienic food and is a convenient way to refuel your stay or visit. The cafeteria is located on the Third Floor of the hospital building.

Service Apartment

Caring for a sick loved one or relative can be a stressful affair, which is why one has to be as comfortable as possible while doing so. At Supercare Hospital, we maintain a dozen fully equipped and well-maintained serviced apartments on the campus. Categories include Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Basic rooms.


Visitors do not have to worry about meals and food options at Supercare Hospital. Our in-campus canteens provide fresh, tasty and hygienically prepared food and snacks. The canteens are located in the Annex building in the parking area.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop ‘Caffeine Cube’ located near the main OPD entrance below the administration block serves a selection of hot and cold beverages, confectioneries and snacks.

Departmental Store

Our in-campus departmental store ‘Marian’s Convenience Store’ is fully stocked so visitors and attendants do not have to leave hospital premises for basic provisions.

ATM Facility

To help patients/attendants/visitors for immediate cash needs, two ATMs are installed in the campus of the hospital. Patients, their attendants and visitors as well as employees of the hospital can use them as and when needed.

WIFI internet services

We provide free, hi-speed Wi-Fi in our hospital premise including patients’ rooms, general wards, as well as OPD areas in the ground floor. Kindly contact any service desk or hospital staff if you need any assistance to avail the free service.


With a parking space that can accommodate more than 120 vehicles, Supercare Hospital ensures that patients and visitors have quick and hassle-free access to the hospital.

Power and Waste Management

Supercare Hospital follows strict compliance to assure interruption-free power supply to all vital spaces in the hospital premises. We have a 3-phase 500 KVA Transformer to handle the hospital’s 250 KVA load function. A 400 KVA generator which can provide 10-12 hrs of back-up electricity to the main hospital building is installed. An additional 125 KVA generator provides back-up for the Annex building.

A 120,000-litre capacity ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) is in place to treat the large volumes of wastewater generated from the hospital.