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Cardiac Angiography & Digital Subtraction Angiography

Cath Lab

In our continuing dedication to wholesome cardiac care, the Supercare Hospital’s cardiology department provides angiography services, a major step in identifying issues related to heart health. Cardiac angiography is an X-ray process to investigate blood flow restrictions in the body. The resulting image of the heart’s blood vessels is called an angiogram and it is a key report in the treatment of cardiac issues. Patients, depending on the degree of the condition and the advice of their physician can opt between cardiac angiography and digital subtraction angiography.

The digital subtraction procedure produces images of affected blood vessels in the brain to investigate and detect blood flow anomalies. Digital subtraction angiography involves inserting a tube or catheter into a leg artery and directing it to the brain blood vessels. DSA is a very effective method of getting visuals of blood vessels as it eliminates the skeletal structure in the image, hence providing a clearer picture of any possible problem.